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  • China is the new destination for MBBS study abroad
China is the new destination for MBBS study abroad

Usually, the western countries have always been popular overseas education destinations for studying MBBS with Indian students. But, recently China has become the most promising and safest alternative location for Indian students looking for an MBBS study abroad.

For instance Nisha Menon, who graduated from one of Mumbai’s top schools, has joined in an undergraduate MBBS degree course at Qingdao University in China. Menon decided to get admission in China after appearing a seminar in India. “China as a destination for studying abroad came through as a fun, exciting city and the university is well reputed. Also, China is not that far from India, just a short flight away so my parents are not too concerned about sending me far away.”

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  • Quality Medical Education in China attracts MBBS students from India
Quality Medical Education in China attracts MBBS students from India

Proving that medical education is not all about providing MBBS degree courses at the lowest price, Chinese Medical Universities continues to increase the number of medical students attracted by high quality education, top of the range study syllabus and outstanding infrastructure-despite being one of the most economical destinations.

While known for medical study abroad, an increasing numbers of Indian students are visiting China for MBBS degree courses as well as internship programs. Also, says Becky Zhang of China MBBS Educational Institution, “There is increasing demand for MBBS admissions in Medical Universities of students from India.” Under graduation and post-graduation are now just one click away for Indian students on the CMEI official website.

The China MBBS Educational Institution represents 300-500 medical seats in China and estimates that between 60 to70% of all students come from India, although it could be much higher. CMEI’s largest franchisee agents group, has 20 offices all over India and is seeking annual growth of 20 % in Indian student admissions within the next five years. It gets many students from Pakistan and Bangladesh as well. Most of the students are studying from various western countries. The economical tuition fees and amazing infrastructures of the Universities have led to drastic increase in students studying MBBS course from India.

The agency says, “For students coming here for medical education, they are impressed by the strong positive influence of traditional Chinese culture, amazing infrastructure, the most economical tuition fees and the helpful nature of the common people. China is neutral and economically stable, and has excellent infrastructure for travel and tourism too. China has a long history of medical education and students from around the world travel here to profit from the incomparable quality and range of the medical education. Every year we get students from 30 or more countries.” Many Indian students are referred by franchisee agents and one in three students pays via an international bank account.

China MBBS Educational Institution (CMEI) is an educational agency offering services from a network of top franchisee agents in India. In the network are also legalized official agencies and institutions from India. So it finds that many students from these sectors are now also interested in medical education. Jay Khatija of Ryan Educational Consultancy says they get 200 to 300 admission enquiries a week, “It is all about quality.” The company also offers a MBBS Scholarship program for brilliant studen

There are lots of Indian students like her who are applying for studying MBBS in China. According to Becky Zhang, VP, China MBBS Educational Institution, a Chinese consultancy company that provides admissions to Indian students, the high donations and limited seats at Indian medical colleges have forced many brilliant students to look overseas. “While western countries are still the top priority, many students are looking to study in China as well.” Zhang has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the UK’s Oxford University and an MBA from Ireland Business School.

Chinese Medical Universities score extremely on the cost and effectiveness factor. While the quality of medical education offered by Universities in China is very high, the cost of education is often lower than universities in the West in terms of tuition and living expenses. Most of these Universities are close to India and with their day to day habitual nature and eating materials is also similar to India.

China has also made a name for itself in the medical education field since last 10 years. Some of its Universities such as the Qingdao University and Shihezi University are placed in the Asian University Rankings. All the Medical Universities in China use English as the medium of teaching medical courses. MBBS courses are popular with Indian students, since the Universities are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and WHO.

“With the economic development in Asia and the accessibility of jobs after graduation, many students are choosing to stay in Asia for their undergraduate studies rather than going to the more traditional educational destinations of the US, UK and Australia. This is obviously the new interesting way of the 21st century – swapping knowledge across Asia” says Mr. Chow, Dean of Shihezi University.

Popular courses here include those in the fields of science and technology, medicine, and arts and design. And, the cost of living and tuition fees in China are much lower than that in any western or Asian countries.

The education sector in China has expanded remarkably in recent years. Leading universities have set up English medium MBBS courses offering both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The standard of living in China is known to be low, and a comparatively low cost of living enables students to lead a comfortable life. A direct flight away from India, China has become a popular hotspot for Indian students looking for an MBBS education experience at a reasonable cost.

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Chinese Medical Universities

  • Medical Education in China focuses more on research activities
Medical Education in China focuses more on research activities

Chinese Medical Education for Indian students is undergoing a reform. China MBBS Educational Institution (CMEI), Shihezi University – School of Medicine, Qingdao University and some of the Central Medical Universities have excelled in higher education and research in the country. The Medical Council of India has recognized 49 Chinese Medical Universities since last couple of years, which means Indian students can go back with the degree certificates and practice as doctors after MCI screening test.

Since last 10 years, the growth in medical education in China has been tremendous compared to any other countries’ education. China has established many medical colleges in the past few decades as it has in other fields of education and technology.

In medical education, the focus has been tapping the potential of medical research, rather than just producing more doctors to cater to healthcare services. Medical research has been predominantly the objective in majority of the medical colleges in China. Unlike in India, where only a handful of medical institutes are ‘referral centers’, in reality, they are loaded with clinical services.

The medical faculty at medical colleges performs three roles – of researchers, academicians and clinicians with focus of activity in the order of research, academics and clinical services. Medical graduate education has a lengthy curriculum, which is completely research-oriented and theoretical in nature and somewhat clinical. The quality of research in academic medicine and medical faculties is growing the number of Indian students in China.

The medical faculties are confident to carry out research, as they have been exposed to research activities during their training. This is reflected in the quality of thesis by their students and their publications. Medical students are therefore encouraged in the early stages of their careers to carry out research. There are recent trends in Medical Colleges in China, where medical courses are offered with various specializations in science.

A serious attempt is being made by China MBBS Educational Institution to attract medical students from India to study medicine in China. This program is likely to attract medical students for two reasons. One reason is the tremendous growth of medical research in China and the other is the whole degree course is economical and suitable for any middle-class family